Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sonja Blue On Kickstarter!

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to fund the completion and publication of KILL CITY, the first new novel in the Sonja Blue series in ten years.

 Should the Kickstarter campaign meet its stated goal amount, KILL CITY will be the first traditional ‘physical’ novel published by  Hopedale Press, a self-publishing venture I created primarily  to release ebooks and audiobooks from my back catalog.

After the initial book proposal for KILL CITY was deemed as ‘uncommercial’ by traditional publishers—largely due to a biting take on a certain popular series of vampire novels aimed at the Young Adult market—I have decided to forego re-tooling the plot in favor of taking  my case directly to the fans of the Sonja Blue series.

 I know there’s an audience out there for this novel. Every day I get emails and posts on my Facebook page from different fans throughout the world, wanting to know when Sonja Blue will be making her return. While mainstream publishers might not feel there’s enough demand to warrant the outlay for KILL CITY, I know otherwise. In today’s radically changing publishing world, there is no longer any need for the author of a widely read series—one that won awards and has been reprinted in ten different languages—to simply accept the say-so of a publisher as to what is commercially viable and worthy of production.
Incentives offered to potential supporters range from DRM-free ebook editions and T-shirts to the distinction of being killed (in print, that is) by Sonja. 

The Kickstarter page also provides fans a chance to read a previously unpublished excerpt from  KILL CITY,  as well as  new music video showcasing the character of Sonja Blue that includes a wide array of artwork from both professional creators and fans.

The Kill City Kickstarter Campaign runs from October 29th to the 28th of November.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Hopedale Halloween Giveaway!

Hopedale Press, my epublishing venture, is pleased to announce its celebrating the Halloween season with a special promotion: The Happy Hopedale Halloween Giveaway!

Starting Midnight (PST) Monday, October 22nd  and running until the Witching Hour (PST)  Thursday, October 26th, every Halloween-themed ebook in the Hopedale Press catalog will be available for free on Amazon Kindle.

 The ebooks that comprise the giveaway promotion are The Pumpkin Child, Judgment Night and Calaverada (which is set during Dia de los Muertos, but why split hairs?).

In THE PUMPKIN CHILD, a desperate man makes a deal with a witch to exchange his luck with that of the man he envies most, only to have his chickens come home to roost on a dark Halloween night.  

In JUDGMENT NIGHT, a group of bored, outcast kids decide to break into a house on Halloween night in order to vandalize it, only to find themselves at the mercy of a depraved serial killer.  

In CALAVERADA, a band of hired killers arrive in Old Mexico in search of outlaws on the Day Of The Dead

Thursday, October 18, 2012

IN THE BLOOD $2.99 Thru Halloween--And More!

PREMIER DIGITAL PUBLISHING (PDP) is holding a LIMITED TIME HALLOWEEN HORROR AND PARANORMAL PROMOTION! From Thursday October 18th until Thursday, Nov.1st,  IN THE BLOOD, sequel to SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, starring Sonja Blue, is only $2.99  (down from $4.99) on Kindle, Nook & iTunes.

Also, as part of the same promotion, SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, ANGELS ON FIRE &TEMPTER have been reduced to .99 via Kindle and Nook. If you've been waiting to buy my revised novels in ebook format, now's the time to act!

Friday, October 12, 2012

20% Off All Hopedale Press Books @ Bkclb.co

Starting October 12th, Hopedale Press ebooks will be available for purchase from Bkclb.co, a new ebook platform that is attempting to meet the needs of both readers and indie publishers.

Ebooks bought through Bkclb.co are DRM-free and come in both EPUB and Mobi formats. They accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex, debit card and PayPal. And those of you who Tweet about the Hopedale Press ebooks for sale at Bkclb.co can get  20% off the purchase of the book!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lynch: A Gothik Western

For years Johnny Pearl tried to escape his demons by being a gunslinger. With his killer’s cool and famous pearl-handled pistol, he made a name for himself in the years following the Civil War as an outlaw. But fame has proved hollow, and Johnny finds himself on the outskirts of the Wyoming Territory, on the verge of taking his own life after one gunfight too many, until he finds redemption in the smile of Katie Small Dove.

Katie understands Johnny Pearl’s pain and helps heal his broken soul, giving him the strength to turn his back on his old life of death and destruction, and build a new future. Within a year he has a wife, a homestead, and a baby on the way, and for the first time in his life Johnny knows true happiness. Of course it can not last.

Johnny Pearl’s idyllic new world is suddenly and irrevocably shattered by the arrival of Captain Antioch Drake, a psychotic cavalry officer determined to avenge the recent massacre at Little Big Horn. Within minutes of Drake and his men arriving, the homestead is ablaze, his wife and unborn child cruelly slain, and Johnny left to hang from a cottonwood. 

Normally, this would be the end of Johnny Pearl’s story—if not for the unexpected appearance of a medicine show wagon, driven by a strange old man called Doc Mirablis, who claims to have once been a friend and colleague of a certain Viktor Von Frankenstein.

The life and times of outlaw Johnny Pearl are over. But the adventures of the undead gunslinger called Lynch have just begun…