Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Hopedale Halloween Giveaway!

Hopedale Press, my epublishing venture, is pleased to announce its celebrating the Halloween season with a special promotion: The Happy Hopedale Halloween Giveaway!

Starting Midnight (PST) Monday, October 22nd  and running until the Witching Hour (PST)  Thursday, October 26th, every Halloween-themed ebook in the Hopedale Press catalog will be available for free on Amazon Kindle.

 The ebooks that comprise the giveaway promotion are The Pumpkin Child, Judgment Night and Calaverada (which is set during Dia de los Muertos, but why split hairs?).

In THE PUMPKIN CHILD, a desperate man makes a deal with a witch to exchange his luck with that of the man he envies most, only to have his chickens come home to roost on a dark Halloween night.  

In JUDGMENT NIGHT, a group of bored, outcast kids decide to break into a house on Halloween night in order to vandalize it, only to find themselves at the mercy of a depraved serial killer.  

In CALAVERADA, a band of hired killers arrive in Old Mexico in search of outlaws on the Day Of The Dead

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