Saturday, December 29, 2012

KILL CITY: The Return Of Sonja Blue @ Indiegogo

Kill City Cover by Sean Hartter

Earlier this year I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish the writing of and produce a print run of 500 hardcover copies of  KILL CITY, the first Sonja Blue novel in 10 years. However, the production costs associated with such an undertaking proved too daunting in light of today's economic climate--especially since Lightning Press required that I pay for the entire print run up-front. As a result, the  campaign failed to gain its funding and I was forced to rethink my publishing strategy and devise a different means of making Kill City available to Sonja's supporters and fans. 

I was forced to rethink publishing strategy and have decided to utilize Create Space's Print On Demand services instead. This will allow me to produce a trade paperback edition that can be ordered from Amazon, as well a  very limited hardcover edition that can only be purchased directly from me, There are also plans for an ebook release across all major platforms as well as a digital audiobook. You can read more about the plans for KILL CITY, as well as the perks being offered for those interested in donating to the project.

Earlier in December I relaunched the campaign, this time on Indiegogo, and I am pleased to announce that the project is already 29% funded! I chose Indiegogo this time out because their  Flexible Financing option allows me to keep the money I raise and apply it towards the completion of KILL CITY--such as purchasing ISBNs, paying my cover artist, and a copy editor, etc. You can check out the campaign here, which also features an original Sonja Blue music video, cover artwork, and an entire, never-before published chapter from KILL CITY

I promise that this book will be finished and released--but I can only do it with the support of you, Sonja's  loyal fans.

Remember: Only YOU Can Stop Sparkling Vampires 

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