Monday, October 28, 2013

Revised & Updated Paint It Black Available From Premier Digital Publishing!

After decades spent roaming the globe in search for the undead monster who created her, vampire/vampire-hunter Sonja Blue has finally found in the psychic detective Palmer and the unearthly child called Lethe a family she can call her own. But the new world she has created for herself is forever changed by a brief affair in New Orleans that ends in madness and death, and leave the Other—the murderous, demonic aspect of her fractured personality—stronger than ever. When Sonja receives news that Sir Morgan is behind a string of murders of women found wearing sunglasses and leather jackets, she abandons her ‘family’ for New York City. Once she is face-to-face with the evil vampire lord, will she finally be able to destroy him once and for all? Or will she succumb to the darkness within her and become his queen?  

This ebook edition of PAINT IT BLACK is updated and heavily revised and is now the author's preferred text. It also features an original cover by the talented graphic artist Sean Hartter, who passed away earlier this year.

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