Sunday, March 9, 2014

I'm Writing Vampirella!

Yes, you heard me right! Thanks to the good people at Dynamite Comics, I am now the new writer for their monthly Vampirella series! I've taken over the scripting chores for the best-known female vampire character in comics, starting with a new #1 this coming June!

The story arc that kicks off my debut is entitled Our Lady of Shadows, and has Vampirella investigating the kidnapping of a little girl, only to find herself the centerpiece of a ritual that will turn her world upside down and force her to side with the strangest ally imaginable, as she attempts to save the world and dodge a team of elite Vatican hit-squad.

Besides having a lengthy background in writing about female vampires who hunt down their own kind, I used to read Vampirella, along with the other Warren Publications black & white magazines, when I was a teenager, and want to recapture some of those old-school thrills and chills that made those stories so distinctive. The interior artwork will be by Patrick Berkenkotter (The Torch, Avengers Invaders, Red Sonja) and Terry Dodson (Wonder Woman, The Defenders, Cat Woman, X-Men) will be providing the covers for the regular monthly title.

There are also Retailer Incentive covers by Jenny Frison (Revival, Angel, True Blood) Sergio Fernandez Davila (Legenderry, Red Sonja), Jack Jadson (Red Sonja, Teen Titans), Mimi Yoon, and Ken Haesar (The Living Corpse). There will also be a Subscription Cover by Stephanie Buscema (My Little Pony, Adventure Time), dedicated to those hardcore fans who place pre-orders with their local comic retailers. There will also be a Retailer Exclusive Variant Image  by Sergio Fernandez Davila that can be tailored to promote individual comic shops.  

While I'm under orders not to let too many details slip about what I have planned for Vampirella, I will say that 2014 marks Vampirella's 45th Anniversary, and Dynamite's editorial team and I have some very interesting birthday surprises  lined up for her and her fans. So make sure to stop by your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop and pre-order a copy of Vampirella #1!

And if you have no Local Comic Shop, you can also order it directly from Dynamite Comics.

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