Friday, June 12, 2015

Vampirella: Our Lady of Shadows

The highly-acclaimed first 6 issues of Dynamite Comic's reboot of Vampirella, written by Nancy A. Collins and drawn by Patrick Berkenkotter, is now available in a single collected volume: VAMPIRELLA: OUR LADY OF SHADOWS

Marked by the evil cultist leader Ethan Shroud as a living sacrifice to Lady Umbra, demon sister-bride of the Mad God Chaos, Vampirella must search for and kill the rarest and most dangerous vampires in order to become powerful enough to keep the rising darkness within her from destroying the world.  It also includes the 2014 Vampirella Annual "Prelude to Shadows",  drawn by Cristhian Zamora, where Vampirella must go undercover as a nun to hunt down Metifa the Devil's Mistress, a demon-witch haunting a French convent.

Physical Edition:

Digital Edition:


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