Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hell Come Sundown Gets Its 1st Stand Alone Print Edition

Originally published in 2004's Dead Man's Hand: Five Tales of the Weird West, Nancy A. Collins' Hell Come Sundown: A Dark Ranger Story  finally gets its own, separate stand alone print publication, courtesy of Open Road Distribution.

Troubled by Specters, Ghosts and Phantoms? Fear No More! There Is Help! Call For The Dark Ranger: Ghost Breaking A Specialty! No Spook Too Small, No Fiend Too Fierce! Our Motto: ‘One Wraith, One Ranger.'

Meet Sam Hell, former Texas lawman, now professional spook-buster who rides in the high plains with his Comanche shamaness companion, Pretty Woman, in search of Sangre, the undead conquistador who stole his life and transformed him into the Dark Ranger.

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