Monday, July 20, 2015

In The Blood, 2nd Book in the Sonja Blue Series, Now In Paperback

In The Blood, the direct sequel to the award-winning Sunglasses After Dark, is once more available in paperback from Open Road Integrated Media! Cover art by Sean Hartter.

William Palmer was just another private detective, spying on cheating spouses and working insurance fraud cases, until he fell for the wrong dame and woke up in the hospital to find himself framed for murder--and gifted with psychic abilities. A new client, however, is willing to pull a few strings and get the charges against him dropped, but only if he agrees to hunt down a certain missing person--a  mysterious, and possibly deadly woman known as Sonja Blue. It's not long before the psychic detective finds himself trapped in a haunted house, where the last thing he has to worry about is the ghost.

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