Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cold Turkey: Get It While It's Hot!

 Biting Dog Publications and I are releasing a series of Sonja Blue novellas and short fiction as ebooks. All of the novellas have been revised and updated and will have covers provided by artists I found on Deviant Art.

The first novella in the Biting Dog series is COLD TURKEY, which has a stunning cover by artist Juliane Ayers. Future titles will include Some Velvet Morning, Vampire King of the Goth Chicks and Tender Tigers.

COLD TURKEY synopsis:
Vampire hunter Sonja Blue has battled everything from the undead to ogres. But in Cold Turkey, her deadliest enemy proves to be The Other, the demonic entity that dwells within the darkest recesses of her mind and battles for control of their shared body. For years there has been an uneasy truce between the twountil The Other pushes Sonja over the edge by endangering the man who loves her.  Sonja takes revenge, enlisting the aid of the demon Malfeis in order to contain The Other once and for all. But can Sonja Blue starve The Other to death without destroying herself as well?

Cold Turkey is available only on Kindle

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