Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pretender Vision!

From Sunglasses After Dark:

The creatures who call themselves Pretenders dwell in the cracks in mankind’s perception. To the untutored eye they are nothing to look at: beggars, cripples, prostitutes, and anonymous strangers. Their faces are unremarkable, their demeanor bland. They normally aren’t the types who like to draw attention to themselves. Although there are numerous subcategories, they all pretend to be human, hiding their demonic otherness behind a mask of carefully constructed banality. Only to those who truly know how to see do they stand revealed, their auras suffused with fearsome energy.

Kevin Weir's Flux Machine is dedicated to revealing the horrors that hide in plain sight, courtesy of spooky gifs created using old photographs from the Library of Congress.Sweet old grandmother or fiend from the Outer Dark? You be the judge.

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