Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome To True Blue: The Official Sonja Blue Blog

Hello! For those of you have stumbled over this blog courtesy of a search engine  or some other form of internet jiggery-pokery, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nancy Collins, and I am the creator of the female punk vampire/vampire slayer Sonja Blue.

I first created Sonja back when I was in high school as a response to the lack of suitably dynamic, strong female characters to be found in the pop culture landscape. Originally a synthesis of Emma Peel, the original Blade from the old Tomb of Dracula comics and Philip Marlowe, I continued to tinker with her character over the next ten years, later tossing in a dash of Patty Hearst and Iggy Pop into the mix. Sonja Blue finally made her world debut in 1989 as the protagonist in my first novel, Sunglasses After Dark. 

At the time of its original publication by New American Library, Sunglasses After Dark was released as a horror novel, although today it would be recognized as what is now called Urban Fantasy. Sunglasses After Dark debuted to wide-spread critical praise and quickly became a best-seller. It won the Horror Writers Association's coveted Bram Stoker Award and the British Fantasy Society's Icarus Award, and was nominated for the John W. Campbell & James Tiptree Awards. In the years since its original publication there have been 5 follow-up publications: In The Blood (1992), Paint It Black (1995), A Dozen Black Roses (1997), Darkest Heart (2002), and Dead Roses For A Blue Lady (2002). There was also been a comic book series and a line of T-shirts featuring the likeness of Sonja Blue. As of this date, Sunglasses After Dark has been published in France, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Japan, and Italy.

With the rise of Kindle, the iPad, the Nook and other dedicated ereaders, I have been inspired to release the Sonja Blue series (and all my other Out Of Print novels) in digital format. In doing so, I have taken the opportunity to update and revise the individual texts for today's market. I have also made a point of commissioning new covers from some of the most talented graphic artists currently working in the field.  I am also working on a new Sonja Blue novel--the first in over a decade--called Kill City, as well as arranging, in collaboration with artist Stan Shaw, for a revised reprint edition of the Sunglasses After Dark graphic novel from IDW Publications.

From here on out, I will be posting information and news regarding the Sonja Blue series, as well as my other work, including the new Golgotham series from Penguin. Keeping checking back for updates.
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  1. I am so very pleased to see Sonja making a real comeback, now. Just bought and read COLD TURKEY, and yes—ya done got me hooked on her again. Wouldn't dream of spoiling it for yr readers but—what an ending. Take *that*, Twilight et al ! Thanks Nancy ~;^/=