Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still More Foreign Book Covers--And Some Unexpected Casting

This is the German edition of In The Blood, which was known in Germany (and most of Europe) as A Dozen Black Roses. I liked the title so much I used it for the 4th Sonja Blue novel.

Here's the Russian edition of In The Blood, and its title also translates into A Dozen Black Roses as well.

This is the Festa edition of Sunglasses After Dark, which was known in Germany as The Death Kiss of Sonja Blue. The first paperback edition was from Goldmann. You may notice that Festa has decided to go ahead and cast Angelina Jolie in the role. Oddly enough, during one of the many times I've been poked with a stick by Hollywood about making a Sonja Blue movie, a relatively-unknown Jolie was considered for the part. Other potential Sonja Blues over the years have included Reese Witherspoon, Asia Argento, Jennifer Lopez (don't ask), Milla Jojovich, and the singer Pink.


  1. Personally, if I were casting Sonja Blue, I'd choose either Fairuza Balk or Debbie Rochon.

  2. Everyone gets excited when it comes to casting, but I've come to the realization that whoever ends up playing Sonja Blue is probably going to be a relatively new actress, or possibly a former child star looking to 'break out' into more action-oriented, adult fare. I have more definite opinions re supporting characters, though, oddly enough.

  3. I'm a huge fan of the Sonja Blue series. Though not much of a writer I am an artist, and she has popped up in a few of my pieces over the years when a strong dark woman has been needed. I truly hope we haven't seen the last of her.